the beauty of "all there is"


meditation in the form of creation. stepping through an invisible door right into the here and now. being at ease. peaceful, present and free. reaching a supernatural state of flow. following the truth of the heart while residing in being rather than in doing. staying sane in times where there is no obvious reason to do so. 

healing. connecting. being. taking a step back from the outer world and coming home.

the real home.

getnly guiding the water while watching plant powders, earth pigments, clays and herbal infusions finding their way amongst the surface of the chosen ground. witnessing objects and patterns being born, becoming something out of nothing. changing formpatiently letting colors, patterns and textures evolve. leaving room for wonderful surprises, huge disappointments and everything in between. 

letting fingers create shapes and patterns


bringing joy and beauty into the world while reminding and being reminded of our source, our essence, our true self.

creating for the sake of creating, aimless like a leaf in the wind letting the latter  guide its directions and moves. 

practicing presence and awareness, willing to experience the world through the heart rather than through the senses. 

honoring simplicity. 

sun, moon, earth, aether, self and beyond.

nature, motherhood, oneness, love. 

memories, objects, shapes, textures. 

processing the wonder called life right here, right now.

living slow and thoughtful. enjoying stillness, happy cuddles, sunshine, late nights looking at the stars, lazy mornings, daydreaming, camp fires, the sea and salty hair. cherishing time with loved ones, gratefully being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to all those precious souls around.